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The Break Bread performers: Tom Clarke, Alice Canton, Freya Finch and Scotty Cotter

Tickets are on sale for BREAK BREAD!

Tickets are on sale for BREAK BREAD!

Alice Canton for BREAK BREAD
Tom Clarke for BREAK BREAD

We are excited to share more information about our upcoming production, BREAK BREAD. We've described this work as debaucherous, cheeky and triumphant, a work unique to right now. We invite you to join us on this millennia-spanning epic from where you are, at home.

BREAK BREAD is unlike anything Silo has created before, yet, you’ll observe the creativity of the writers at every turn, the impressive adaptability of the performers and an utterly unique perspective on the world as it is right now.

BREAK BREAK is a pay per viewer production made under current alert level restrictions for you to be able to access and enjoy at home anywhere in Aotearoa or the world. Tickets to BREAK BREAD are $25 per viewer (NZD).

Tickets are now available for BREAK BREAD.

Click here to read more about this production and how to book your session.

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