Our work is only imaginable with support from people like you.

We're committed to keeping both our ticket prices affordable and our performances extraordinary. To do this, we need to supplement our box office income through sponsorship and individual giving. A ticket only goes so far...

Silo Patrons are our triumphant heroes - they listen, advise and cheer us on - they are champions of a visionary creative culture in Auckland. They are people like you!

Our partners

Our patrons

Silo Generator Patrons
Silo Patron Plus
Silo Foundation Patrons
Silo Best Friends
Silo Generator Patrons

Betsy & Michael Benjamin

William Buck

Adrian Burr

Richard & Susan Garland

Dame Jenny Gibbs

John Ormiston


Silo Patron Plus

Mary Brook

Rick & Jenny Carlyon

Christine & Richard Didsbury

Ross & Josephine Green

Tracey Haszard & Phil Sargent

Sir Chris & Lady Dayle Mace

Rachel & Jason Paris

Jenny & Andrew Smith

Mike Smith & Dale D’Rose

Silo Foundation Patrons

Heather Anderson & Mike Clark

David Appleby

John Bierre

John Billington QC

Brian Carter & Clare Bradley

Christina Chan & Nigel Ellis

Gary Cheyne

Amber Coulter & Andrew Lewis

Garth & Vivienne Cumberland

Michelle Deery

Richard Ebbett 

Cameron Fleming

John & Jo Gow

John & Trish Gribben

Sue Haigh

Samuel Holloway & Michael Lett

Michael Hurst & Jennifer Ward-Lealand

David Inns & Sally Woodfield

Philip & Michelle Kean

Margaret Lake

Hilary Lewis

Stella McDonald

Alison & Murray McMillan

Morgan Coakle

Prue Olde

Anthony Quirk

Geoff & Fran Ricketts

Juliet Robieson

South Pacific Pictures

Thane & Susy Smith

Michael & Margaret Stanley

Lady Tait

Lindsay Thompson

Noel & Kerrin Vautier

Susan & Gavin Walker 

Peter Winder 

Auckland Music Theatre

Silo Best Friends

Linda Aitchison

Lesley Dennis

Arend Merrie & Fiona Turner

Susan Pezaro & Antony Mahon

Sarah Sinclair