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SILO 2021 Lefteye

Silo Season
Ticket Member

Silo Season
Ticket Member

As a Silo Season Ticket Member, you’ll be the first to know more details about our upcoming 2021 works, lock in tickets and receive special access to our productions.

As well as receiving tickets to all three of our 2021 offerings, you will…

Save big

Save on ticket prices and save yourself from booking and transaction fees on all our shows.

Priority booking

Silo Season Ticket Members get access to tickets well before the public. Not only are they guaranteed to get the dates they want, but are ensured to get the best seats available too.

Flexible dates

Last minute change of plans? As long as you give us 24 hours notice, we’ll be happy to exchange your tickets to a different performance of the same show.* Exchanging tickets is an exclusive benefit to Season Ticket Members.

*Ticketing hours are Monday – Friday 10am – 1pm. We can’t transfer tickets outside of these hours. Keep this in mind.

Be invited first to special events

Join us in the rehearsal room, a special evening or launch in 2021! As we make announcements or share the theatre making process, the doors will be open to you to revel in our most special moments.

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