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Scotty Cotter Listening to Mauri Tau

Look up and listen: Immersive Matariki audio experience Mauri Tau, reviewed

Look up and listen: Immersive Matariki audio experience Mauri Tau, reviewed

Scotty Cotter listens to Mauri Tau
Scotty Cotter listens to Mauri Tau

Mauri Tau is an audio storytelling journey designed to be experienced at dusk or dawn during Matariki. Three Spinoff writers put on their headphones and took a walk.

On a crisp, clear winter’s morning, The Spinoff’s staff writers Leonie Hayden, Sam Brooks and Charlotte Muru-Lanning assembled just before sunrise at the foot of Maungawhau in Tāmaki Makaurau.

They were there to immerse themselves in an innovative storytelling experience by writer/director Scotty Cotter – a recording designed to be listened to while you walk at either dusk or dawn.

Commissioned by Silo Theatre for Matariki, Mauri Tau is a 45-minute audio journey that introduces you to each of the nine stars of Matariki, played by nine of our finest actors. As you walk, they take turns greeting you and bestowing their gifts for the new year.

On Friday morning I took a hīkoi up Mt Eden as the sun rose slowly over the harbour. I would normally never do something like this, as attested to by the can of blue V clutched tightly in my hand. But on this morning I was glad to have forced myself out of bed. At a very base level, Mauri Tau is a deeply pleasurable experience because of the voices of actors like Tanea Heke and Nicola Kāwana in your ears. You can almost hear the twinkling eyes and the wry smile as they tell you, in short, to open up and take in the world around you.

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