The Height of the Eiffel Tower

Varies by 8cm depending on the temperature

Abigail Greenwood

Morgana O'Reilly

This is an experience designed to take place in your living room and is available as an exclusive add-on for 2014 Season Ticket Holders only.


Terri Hulme is a mum of four and she’s given her life to her family. The master of keeping it all together, her latest battle is trying to keep her knocked up daughter from polishing off the wine in the fridge. And they’re growing up oh-so-soon too, flying the coop. Katie, her beloved firstborn, is doing her OE, discovering the perks of hand modelling while struggling to find her place in the world.

Today, Terri’s hosting an old mate from uni. Rachel is everything Terri could’ve been. Successful, stylish and with flashy new lips. But Terri isn’t resentful. She’s just bought an orange poncho... $79 marked down from $100. But perhaps, just perhaps, it’s time to become the person she always intended to be.

The irrepressibly talented Morgana O’Reilly has been gallivanting all over the world with her fresh and defiant little tale. She’s charmed the pants off audiences from Newcastle to New York. And now she’s coming home. Yours, that is. Gather the troops and invite her over to your place for a bit of theatrical alchemy. Laugh, cry, and ultimately win. You won’t want it to end.


  • Abigail Greenwood

    Abigail Greenwood