Speaking in Tongues

Speaking in Tongues



White Rabbit
Red Rabbit


Jess Holly Bates
Mia Blake
Alison Bruce
Kip Chapman
Oliver Driver
Nick Dwyer
Adam Gardiner
Dai Henwood
Rachel House
Nathaniel Lees
Stephen Lovatt
Elizabeth McRae
Pua Magasiva
Natalie Medlock
Jarod Rawiri
Sophie Roberts
Paolo Rotondo
Rima Te Wiata
Jennifer Ward-Lealand


Okay. So there’s an actor. And they’ve just opened the envelope. They’ve begun to read and they have no idea what’s going to happen. They’ve never read this play before. They might be feeling a bit unsettled, a bit under-rehearsed. The audience might or might not clap at this point.

There’s a guy called Nassim. He lives in Iran and he’s 29 years old. And he’s forbidden to ever leave his country. By refusing to do national service, his passport was cancelled. Unable to travel, he’s turned his own isolation into an advantage. He’s written a play. And it’s navigating the world in a way that he himself cannot.

Holding hands, actor and audience stumble together into the personal and the profound, riffing on the limits of liberty and exploring where theatre can take you, with or without a passport.

Wildly unpredictable and completely unforgettable, White Rabbit, Red Rabbit is a punch in the air for self-expression; a testament to the power of words to transcend cultures and borders. You have to be there.

In association with Aurora Nova Productions.

Sometimes, not many, but sometimes one encounters a piece of art - it could be a painting, a film or a photo - that, hypnotizes. It makes you pay it your whole attention, keep your eyes on it for as long as possible. Hypnotizes.